339 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood, PA 19096

​( between CVS and Sang Kee Bistro )


339 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood, PA 19096

( between CVS and Sang Kee Bistro )


We also focus on how to make your hair healthier and naturally. COCONUT OIL can stop your hair from going gray, thinning and falling out, making your hair grow faster and look better. They also protects against frays by increasing moisture absorption in the hair shaft, promoting repair of damaged follicles, smoothing frizz and split-ends, for a radiantly healthier look and feel. That's why we also supply special hair mask and conditioning treatment which rich in COCONUT OIL. That’s natural, health and vitality !

Devachan Certified Curly Hair Salon

Salon Papillon is your new luxurious and innovative hair salon that specializes in the health and beauty of natural hairs. We are also the only hair salon in Wynnewood certified as a "Devachan Curly Hair Salon". Our focus is creating the ultimate customer experience in a cozy and relaxing environment. Our experienced staff, effective products will ensure you an exceptional visit at PAPILLON.   


Jim, stylist and colorist, is known as "king of cutting" in Main Line. With 20 years extensive experience, his precision haircut had received lots of awards and recognition in Philly. Our superiority: technique, specialty, natural and organic products to provide quality. >>>MORE INFO>>>


We love curls, and we celebrate our curls ! Actually, it's not easy to find a specialty DevaCurl Stylist, because of this wide deviation from a traditional haircut, depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find a stylist who has learned the techniques. That's the another reason why we are here ! Followed up with DevaCurl products, you will see the smallest change can make a world of a difference ! >>>MORE INFO>>>

 We are honored to host our high quality partners: DevaCurl, Living Proof,  Goldwell, Schwarzkopf, Morrocan Oil, Lasio, Redken......>>>MORE INFO>>>


As the only "curly hair salon" in Wynnewood, Main Lines. Our DevaCurl stylist Jim and his staff not only specialise in cutting curly hair using the DevaCurl technique and philosophy, but also can handle any wave or curl pattern. We help women believe in the very simple idea of loving their curls in their own way. >>>MORE INFO>>>

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