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The Bounce Back Treatment 

Cleanse, Mask, Heat, Style & Shape: 60-75 mins

The service begins with Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum for a rejuvenating deep cleanse, followed with a mask treatment for moisture or strength. Your Devachan stylist will choose between Melt Into Moisture that deeply hydrates and softens extra dry curls or Deep Sea Repair to revive and strengthen damaged waves or curls. Your stylist may choose to use with or without heat. This service concludes with a customized styling session.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Rejuvenating deep cleanse

  • Buildup Buster uses micellar technology to eliminate buildup without stripping moisture.

  • Always begin on wet hair.

  • Apply directly to the hair and scalp targeting areas of buildup.

  • Massage with friction while cleansing and rinsing.

  • Use once a week, alternating with Low-Poo or No-Poo cleanser.

Step 2 : Mask

Restore the moisture and/or strength

  • Choose between Melt Into Moisture for intense moisture, Deep Sea Repair to restore strength or Multi-Mask for both moisture and strength

  • Apply thoroughly to hair in sections

  • Leave-in for 15-20 minutes with or without heat

  • Rinse thoroughly

  • Use once a week, alternating with One Condition.

Step 3: Style & Shape

Create the ultimate finished look

  • Always finish the treatment service with a style & shaping session to create the ultimate finished look

  • With versatile stylers, tools and accessories, create a range of looks for all curl types.

  • To encourage waves and curls, the action of scrunching is key !