Precision Cuts

Straight Hair & Wavy Hair & Barber

Jim Jian Zheng, is known as a “Master of Cutting” in Philadelphia, colorist and stylist at Salon Papillon, took precision hair cutting to new levels in all types of hair : straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, barber. He created incredible and long lasting trends using precision cutting. With proper design and attention to detail, any texture of hair, even the most unruly, could be tamed and easily styled. Taking into consideration wave patterns, or lack thereof, the creation of design lines, weight-lines, guidelines, and pivot points that allowed the freshly cut head of hair to fall naturally and flow into the predetermined desired style. His skill will show you how these transformative techniques can change how you think about your hair.

Curly Hair Dry Cut

As we all know, Curly hair cutting are just a few of the salon services we provide, this technique makes styling more of an art than a rote procedure for a stylist to follow. Because of this wide deviation from a traditional haircut, depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find a stylist who has learned the techniques.

Our curly hair stylists, Jim and Aury, with a deep understanding of curly hair characteristics and behavior, with on-going salon training. Not only gives you amazing curls, but also teach you how to create them on your own.