1. Why wash my hair with Deva Curl shampoo?
Deva Curl is a sulfate-free hair care product for curly hair. Because of it’s proper ph level for hair, Deva Curl hair care products do not dry out hair and actually cleanse the hair thoroughly. (Actually for all types of hair not just curly) (5.5ph is the proper level for hair cleansing)

2. Why are sulfates bad for hair?
Sulfates are basically an astringent, stripping away all the natural oils in the hair. Leaving the hair lifeless. ( sulfates are a kind of astringent, think of squeaky clean….for windows , Not for hair) especially curly hair, which seems to need more moisture.

3. What is No Poo shampoo?
No Poo is a shampoo specifically designed for curly hair. No Poo is a hair cleanser without the chemicals that are used to create lather. No Poo has been engineered with the proper ph level and only what is needed to cleanse your hair keep your curls looking fantastic.

4. Why do I need Curl Set It Free Moisture Lock?
Set It Free Moisture Lock is an anti-frizz curl enhancer. When applied to the hair. Set it Free helps define your curls and locks in moisture to prevent frizz. Set it free…also known as moisture lock.

5. What is the best hair care product to use on my hair during the Summer when it is hot and muggy?
All DevaCurl products will help manage your hair during the summer months. It important to remember that the entire line of DevaCurl will define your curls regardless of the season.

6. If I have curly hair can I use any brand shampoo to wash my hair?
No, standard shampoo’s have different PH levels and the “ammonium lauryl sulfates” found in most shampoos strip all hair of the needed oils and moisture that help define curls.

7. What is the correct ph level for curly hair: 5.5
“ph” is an abbreviation for “potential hydrogen” and is a scale used for ranking the relative acidity or alkalinity of a liquid solution. Battery Acid has a 0 ph where as Drain Cleaner has a ph of 14. Human Hair falls in the middle of the ph scale with a ph of 4.5 to 5.5 ph. A well balanced shampoo with a correct ph level to your hair will help maintain the health and color of your hair. (Devaschan offers Deva care line for color treated hair that is curly or not, and Deva Curl for hair that is not color treated.)