What Is Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening ?

Japanese hair straightening relies on a special solution that's applied to hair, similar to a flat perm. This solution breaks down the hair's bonds that give it shape, allowing it to become pin-straight when the flat-iron is applied. The hair is saturated with the solution, rinsed, dried with a blowdryer, and then flat-ironed with a ceramic iron in small 1/8-inch sections. Also like a perm solution, a neutralizer is then applied, which locks the style in place. The entire process is labor and time-intensive.

Depending on the length of your hair and its thickness, you can expect to be in the salon for a few hours. With straightening, you either have to be patient and get creative with your style, get it retreated, or go for a drastic cut. Come and meet our experts at Salon Papillon, we are look forward to seeing you, consultations are welcome!

How to Care for Your Hair Post-Treatment ?

You have to be very careful with your new pin-straight hair after treatment. You can't wash it or pull it up into a ponytail for at least three days while it sets. You can also totally forget about getting a perm or anything involving chemicals to restore your hair's natural waves. Any additional chemicals will only add to the damage, so you have to be prepared for the commitment to let it grow out.

Hair texture plays a big role in the success of the treatment, particularly for African American women. Depending on your hair, you might be better off with chemical relaxers. Before you schedule an appointment for the treatment, consider booking a consultation first.