Keratin Treatment

Why Choose Lasio Keratin Treatment ?

1. Lasio Put Safety First

Lasio Keratin Treatments are water-based spray-on formulas that contain the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market. Keratin Tropic is noted as being one of the best formaldehyde-free keratin formulas and is the choice of many top salons and stylists. Lasio Keratin Treatments produce a lightweight finish while also hydrating, repairing, and protecting hair strands. Lasio Keratin Treatments allow for a comfortable salon environment while still delivering amazing results. We put the safety of the stylists and clients first.

2. Provide the Best Results

Keratin Treatment provide beautiful hair with safe and natural results. If you are looking for smooth, shiny, healthy hair then the Lasio Keratin Smoothing Treatments is a good choice. Lasio’s formula is known as the safest and most effective keratin treatment on the market, customizable and work well on all hair types. As a topical treatment, keratin can safely be applied to chemically treated hair. The 90 minutes procedure eliminates up to 100% of frizz while coating each strand to prevent any future damage, ultimately providing a dramatic transformation.Typical results for keratin treatment last for 4-5 months.

Lasio Keratin Treatment Mocha Silk

Lasio Keratin Treatment Mocha Silk is our MOISTURIZING formula! It also contains cacao oil, which drenches dry strands in moisture. Mocha Silk is great to recommend to clients with naturally resistant hair, so while it isn’t stronger in terms of formaldehyde content, it is EFFECTIVE at smoothing resistant hair. This treatment is excellent for extremely dry or damaged hair, or for those with thick, coarse and very curly hair looking to achieve a straighter look. Cacao oil’s smooth texture, enticing aroma, and emollient properties contain natural antioxidants that strengthen and smooth hair. Cacao Oil works to retain moisture and provides a breathable barrier to protect hair that is dry or over-processed against environmental stress and fading.

  2. Hair craving moisture? Lasio Mocha Silk Keratin Treatment is a moisture packed formula infused with cacao oil that deposits extreme moisture to revive over-stressed, dry or damaged hair!
  3. Up to 90% curl reduction
  4. Lasts up to 4 months
  5. Infused with cacao oil

Lasio Keratin Treatment One Day Formula

Lasio Keratin Treatment One Day Formula is our universal formula. The One Day is an extremely lightweight formula that works well on all hair types. It’s perfect for those seeking curl reduction, elimination of frizz, hair repair, and moisture. The One Day Formula is also infused with amber extract, a lightweight conditioner. Amber Extract contains antioxidants and conditioning properties that strengthens hair.

  2. All in a day’s work. The One Day Keratin Formula removes 100% frizz and 90% of the curl for a silky smooth finish for up to 4 months. Bring out the star-quality in your hair and flaunt Hollywood Glamour at its finest. Luxuriate! Iconic hair is yours.
  3. Up to 90% Curl Reduction
  4. Lasts up to 4 months
  5. Infused with Amber Extract