What is Pintura ?

Pintura isn’t just an elaborate way to say “hair-dye”, but rather a technique that colorist, and stylist use to apply hues and tones directly to your curls to “paint” or tint your curls without the use of the traditional bleach/foil in hair method. The Pintura method allows colorist to pinpoint exactly which strands of curls look better with different shades of color (lightening, highlighting), to give your style the overall pop of color it needs by adding dimension, and versatility to your hair texture. 

How do you prepare for Pintura ?

Devachan Colorist, Nicolle Lemonds suggests preparing for the Pintura process with a clean slate, and trimmed ends. “You definitely need to start with freshly trimmed hair for the best color results. A color process can bring out any split ends or previous color or heat damage even if it wasn’t visible before and you don’t want to get a new color only to end up with frayed or damaged ends.” The key to Pintura is curl maintenance, which needs to begin way ahead of the color changing process to help you maintain your healthy hair. A fresh trim before your appointment, within days or at least a month before is highly suggested.


Your hair should be detangled, and in its natural state.
“Coming in with hair up and misshapen make it hard to see your proper shape and can affect the placement,” says Nicolle. Coming in with your hair in its natural state allows the colorist to place the highlights onto your hair according to the shape of its cut, and the pattern of your curls.